Tuition Transparency

Complete Financial Transparency: Our Policy with Money and Membership

This policy has been set forth by Tom Callos and the members of the martial arts association The One Hundred.

This school embraces the practice of complete financial transparency with regards to membership. We post our prices and policies on-line; we do not engage in ANY business practice designed to mislead or manipulate our members into unexpected or unhealthy financial arrangements.

BUYERS BEWARE as there are martial arts schools that purposely mislead and/or intend to manipulate customers into “upgrading” memberships and/or into signing one-sided, long-term contracts for membership.

For information on any money-related subject regarding martial arts schools, feel free to contact martial arts industry expert Tom Callos at 530-903-0286 (Hawaii time).

Tom Callos’ commentary on the subject:

Unbeknownst to the buying public, factions within the “martial arts industry” promote misleading and manipulative sales tactics. They know that most students drop out (mostly due to substandard instruction and service) and so they have developed clever methods for convincing students to make big cash payments and/or sign onto long term contracts (which the school will enforce, legally). This website and our work is about educating the buying public so that people with a sincere interest in learning from master teachers no longer fall prey to opportunists. A martial arts school should display its prices and policies with pride –and schools should be obligated to create programs to fit every parent or student’s budget.