The loss of training partner

The last week has been a week of ups and downs. Yesterday I found out that one of my training partners had passed away. Although it had been a while since I had visited his gym and trained with him I felt a great sadness. I only knew Josh from inside the gym and did not know much of his life outside of it. Inside the gym, Josh was beast! I spent many hours rolling and learning from his game.

This event caused me to think a lot of why I love the sport that I have chosen. The combat sports can build irreplaceable bonds between training partners. People who are completely incompatible with each other out side the gym can be the best for each other inside. Over the years, I’ve seen amazing bonds form between cops and ex-gangbangers, races, sexes, age groups, financial states, and education levels. The sweat that we pour out, the blood that we bleed, the challenges we face, the injuries we inherit, the frustration, the joy, the wins, the losses; these are the building blocks of bonds.

I love this sport.

Josh you will be missed.

One of my best training partners and now friends caused me to go home the night I met him and tell my wife, “I met a great dude to train with….he is scary as shit and I dont think I will ever let him know where I live.” He is always welcome at my house and at times have to explain him to my neighbors because of his facial tats.

Yeah it’s crazy how that works. Training together builds a different kind of bond and respect between two individuals that most don’t get. I’ve played on highschool and college athletic teams and have been a highschool football coach and its not the same. I’m guessing that wrestlers experience the same thing.

Losing a training partner like this has been very sad. Not only to me but to his students. They are all still in shock still to lose someone they all held in such a high regard.

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