Sambo & Catch Wrestling 3 DVD Set

The American Sambo Association and International Submission Wrestling Alliance are pround to announce the launch of our joint 3 DVD instructional set! This 3 disk instructional series includes over 80 Catch and Sambo techniques, throws, counters, and more. Filmed at our 2009 CATCH/Sambo training camp in Montreal, Canada, Stephen Koepfer and Kris Iatskevich take viewers through every stage of engagement from clinch to submission, gi and no-gi!

This 3 DVD set includes:
Disk One: CATCH Wrestling with Coach Kris Iatskevich
Disk Two: SAMBO with Master of Sport Stephen Koepfer
Disk Three: Koepfer and Iatskevich comparative techniques and methodologies

This 3 DVD set is available for the LOW price of $45

Disk 1
1-Catch Intro
2-Hindu Squats
3-Hindu Pushups
4-Neck & Bridge Exercises
5-Sit Out Drills
6-From All 4-Details & Reversal
7-From All 4-Details & Reversal2
8-Counter attack to Reversal 2
9-From All 4-Reversal 3-Protecting Neck
10-From All 4 Turning into Double Wrist Lock (Kimura) & Keylock
11-Keylocks all over
12-Short Arm Scissors
13-Yvon Robert’s Rolling Short Arm Scissor
14-Gene Lebell’s Bait from Bottom to Arm Crush
15-Single Leg Ride-Turnover into Pin & Neck Crank
16-SLR-Turnover 2 into Pin & Subs
17-SLR-using Spiral Ride into Rear Naked Choke & back into SLR
18-SLR-Bob Langevin’s Reversal in to Mount & Subs
19-SLR-Falling off into Subs
20-Calf Crusher-Break positions & Submit
21-Ball & Chain Ride-Principles-Toe Holds
22-Ball & Chain Ride-Subs when Toe Hold Countered
23-Toe Holds against All 4
24-SLR Defenses
25-SLR Defense & variant for 2 Hook Back Control
26-SLR & 2 Hooks Defense 2
27-Double Hooked-Protecting your Neck
28-Rear Naked Choke Escape 1
29-Rear Naked Choke Escape 2
30-Double Hook Defense 2
31-SLR Defense-Against Banana split Pin-Sub attempt
32-Escape & ToeHold under Sidemount

Disk 2
1-Intro, sambo warm ups
2-Forward rolling, drills & principles
3-Reversal attack against a hip throw
4-Reversal attack against front trip
5-Defense foot sweeps, principle of move
6-Forward rolling: keep going, Keep fighting
7-Stopping the momentum of a throw to keep the top position
8-Foot sweep counter attacks
9-Choke/throw combinations
10-Over the back belt grip
11-Over the back belt grip to snap down
12-Experiment/improvise/be flexible/go with the flow
13-Sambo transitions/finishing
14-Over the back belt grip, foot sweep w/hard crash landing
15-Opposit lapel grip, sacrificial front trip
16-More grips + no-gi entries for above
17-Sacrificial back trip
18-2on1 grip to pancake and back trip
19-Details on control in fireman to ankle lock
20-Rolling kneebar (+ details on same into ankle lock and slicer)
21-From scissor – ankle lock (also as counter to single leg)
22-From scissor – side roll into ankle lace
23-Duck under into heel hook
24-From half-mount – rolling leg attacks
25-Half-mount-sit around into kneebar
26-Attacking turtle-rolling into crucifix control & choke
27-Suitcase choke against turtle
28-More attacking turtle

Disk 3
1-Under Half Mount
2-Whizzer Defense
3-Under Half Mount
4-Opening Armbar Defense
5-Indian Death Lock from Half Mount
6-IDL from Head & Arm
7-Counterattack against Back Control
8-Head & Arm is Submission#1
9-Ribs Compression against Turtle
10-Half Nelson & Bottle Opener against Turtle
11-NY Combat Sambo’s Basic 4 Leg Attack Positions
12-Knee Crush from inside Guard
13-Knee Crush from Standing inside Guard
14-Defending Single Leg Grab
15-Shin Locks
16-Jacket-NoJacket RNC Countering
17-Crooked Head Scissor-Neck Crank from Short Arm Scissor
18-Body Scissor
19-Avoiding the Guard
20-Getting away from Opponent in Guard
21-Countering the Guillotine
22-Palm Up Principle as Counter tool
23-More Guard Countering
24-Stand Up Grappling,2on1-Arm Drag-Etc
25-Grappling & Striking

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