Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Competition Training Philosophy – The Bellagio Hypothesis Continuum

We base our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition training philosophy on the work of Mark Hatmaker‘s The Bellagio Hypothesis Continuum.

This continuum consist of:
1. Conditioning
2. Boxing
3. Shooting
4. Clinch work
5. Parterre (Par Terre)
6. Ground and pound
7. Submissions

This continuum helps one “focus on the highest percentage returns on investment from maximum to least.” The continuum, if followed, assists the athlete in allocating training timing much more effectively and efficiently and technically important for success within MMA events..

The technical applications Hatmaker addresses are the most successful physical actions gleaned from these 640 fights. The techniques are arranged in a hierarchy of most used to least applied; the most successful being: striking techniques, ground and pound methods, arm bar techniques, naked strangles, guillotine attacks, triangle choke, shoulder choke and arm triangle and heel hooks.

“Low return on investment” (LROI) techniques are only train and practice when the athlete has the time and resources to focus on it.  LROI are not our bread and butter techniques because the timing necessary to get them applied is too strict and demanding.

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