Rules of Conduct at Dojo/Academy

  1. No abusive or profane language. Fusion Mixed Martial Arts is dedicated to providing a family friendly learning experience
  2. Please wash your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi/Judo Gi/Kimono and other grappling clothing after every training session.
  3. Please observe proper personal hygiene. For your safety and the safety of your training partners, please keep finger nails and toe nails trimmed at all times.
  4. Train with a spirit of cooperation and respect for their fellow training partners.
  5. Questions are encouraged, but only questions about the techniques being covered in the current class. Each class will cover more information that a student can expect to master at any one time. Please refrain from asking questions about techniques not being covered in class.
  6. When an instructor is giving instruction, please avoid unnecessary talking . This causes distractions for the other students
  7. The techniques being taught are very dangerous and controlled training is mandatory. Unsafe training and lack of consideration for the health and safety of your training partner can result in suspension or termination of membership.
  8. Tapping to a submission is required. Do not force your training partner to jeopardize your health by holding out to try and escape a clean submission.
  9. Neck Cranks and twisting knee locks are not allowed until you reach the level of purple belt; and then, you may only apply these submissions to other purple belt or higher students.

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