Our Thai Boxing Program

Working the basic 1, 2 (jab,cross) and other iteration.

Check out these two boxing drills to improve your hand speed in boxing.
1st Drill 8 Beats 2nd Drill – The Uppercut Ladder Drill

Basic Thai Boxing Combination
Jab, Cross, thigh kick from the rear leg and other iterations

Pointers on how to hold the focus mitt and shield.
Learn how to utilize a kicking shield to maximize your students/fighters ability to generate power, set up combos and counter attacks.

Pointers and examples on how to utilize the Thai Pad and focus mitt to maximize you Thai Boxing/Muay Thai training.

These videos were shot in the Village of Clyde, NY (14433). Our school is located right across the street. We are the 1st and original Mixed Martial Arts school in Wayne County, NY (New York).

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