Grappling 4 Mixed Martial Arts

Our grappling program will improve your strength and balance and allow you to become proficient in the use of chokes, arm locks and leg locks. Our instructors posses a love for the grappling arts that will inspire you to be a better martial artist each class. We provide an atmosphere that both supports and challenges you in your training, you can choose to practice for tournament competition, or just to improve your physical fitness and self defense skills.

The style of grappling that influence our class are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Judo with a take downs concepts and strategies from wrestling.

Our School is located in Wayne County – Clyde, New York. If you are interested in learn effective grappling, submission wrestling or Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu make sure drop by and check out our school. We have the most extensive grappling program outside of Rochester and Syracuse.

Demo Grappling Session


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