Mohammad Khorrami – Grappling Consultant

+25 years of martial arts training and experiences.Master Degree in Physical Education

Mohammad Khorrami
(Grappling Consultant & Coach/Instructor based in Toronto, Ontario)

Martial Arts Training History and Experiences:


Over 9 years Wrestling Experiences.
4 Years Iran Wrestling Junior National Champion.
2 Years Iranian Army Wrestling Champion.
1982 European Junior Silver Medalist
1982 Asia Junior Silver Medalist.
Coach the Iranian Junior Wrestling Team 1989 to 1993

This is what people on the internet are saying about Mohammad’s grappling style:

“This guy is Mohammad Khorrami. He is an Iranian wrestler/judoka that teaches in Toronto now…I think. He really has a great understanding of the clinch. I’m very impressed by this guy. I love the wrestling/Judo fusion. ”

“his style is awesome. very ‘near eastern’. This is why it’s so exciting to watch the Georgians and Uzbeks and the like in the IJF.”

“I like how he uses wrestling tie ups and combines it with judo, interesting!”

Great praise about Mohammad’s counter to the arm drag

  • Some of the comments !!
  • My brother is going to eat the ground with that one thursday
  • Awesome material thanks!
  • very sexy! thanks for posting
  • simlar to a fireman’s in wrestling…. very effective if you get in deep and have wrist control when shooting in.. kinda harder with a gi on i found out though.
  • Nice find , thanks for posting it .
  • Thanks good post. It’s similar to a fireman carry and good to use for counter of someone that keeps setting up a drag.
  • good stuff. i need to ask more questions in class. uke got a couple extra moves by thinking critically.

More testimonies from peoples who brought our instructional DVDs

I love all the DVDs (2002 Double Set and 2006 & 2007 Clinic DVD). Mohammad Khorrami is a grappling encyclopedia and fight scientist. I have exhausted almost very clinch related product on the market, yet I saw Mohammad execute moves I’ve never seen before. He has an answer for every situation.

Robert Verdell

Wrestler/Judoka/MMA coach

To Whom it may concern…

It is written, that there are three noble recreations: horsemanship, swordsmanship and wrestling…
I suppose that the wrestling world is familiar with the ancient and rich Persian grappling heritage…the country that gave us the “Indian” Club and many grappling innovations over the centuries…
now–the MMA world needs to pay heed to the contributions of Iranian Judo Champion, Mohammed Khorrami…brought to my attention by Mong Phu of Fusion MMA…

guys, this is the good stuff…get the DVD’s!…your competitors probably already have…it’s not too late!…

B.T. Carlin, MD

Some of Mohammad Khorrami’s Youtube Videos:

Mohammad 1st Match – 2005 Championship

Mohammad 2nd – 2005 Championship

Counter to the Single leg take down strategies and concepts

Old Submission Wrestling Video Trailer

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