Fred Garcia – Striking Consultant (Deceased)

Fred Garcia
(Striking Consultant & Coach/Instructor based in Toronto, Ontario)

+25 years of martial arts training and expriences
Martial Arts Training History and Experiences:
Yawyan & Arnis
Master Fred Garcia is one of the first batch of Yawyan fighters during the early years of 70’s when they first introduced a no hold barred full contact tournament in Manila, Philippines. A veteran full contact champion until 1982 and later became a promoter himself. One of his most noted promotions is “The Confrontation” and The First Full Contact Karate/Kickboxing Championships in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines, 1980 with the US Team versus Philippine Team.

As kickboxing is gaining popularity in the late 80’s the younger brother Boy, became the first Kickboxing Superstar in the Philippines. The Garcia Brothers were regarded as ambassadors to the gaining popularity of Yawyan during the early years of its development. To this day, Boy has never stopped competing and continues developing the weapons aspect of Sibukan. He recently held the gold in International Arnis Invitational Championship Competition in Manila. He is one of the Philippine National Arnis Team Coach.