8 Judo Ne-Waza (Grappling) Drills to practice for 2013

First Set

  • Kuzure-kesa-gatame to Ude-garami
  • Escape from Kesa-gatame into Kuzure-kesa-gatame

Second Set

  • Kesa-gatame to Hiza-gatame
  • Escape from Yoko-shiho-gatame into San-gaku-gatame

Third Set

  • Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame to Ushiro-kesa-gatame
  • Kata-juji-jime countered by Hiza-gatame

Fourth Set

  • Tate-shiho-gatame to Juji-gatame
  • Escape from Yoko-shiho-gatame into Kata-te-kata-ashi-jime

Check out more detail videos and instructions on how to do these drills.

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