Welcome to Fusion Mixed Martial Arts.

If you are looking for a typical low-intensity martial arts studio where you can come and go mostly unnoticed and play karate until you get bored, then you probably aren't ready for Fusion Mixed Martial Arts. But if you're eager to embark on a challenging journey of physical & mental empowerment, advanced fitness education and purposeful training, then you've found your path to achievement!

Fusion Mixed Martial Arts is a coaching facility offering small-group personal training, and a personal improvement philosophy and mind-set. We are a high-octane, full-service Thai Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Dojo, providing supreme fitness for professional & amateur sport fight training.

Want to FIGHT?!? Cool! Come join our competition team and we will work with you to achieve your competitive goals. And for those not inclined to fight, we offer you the opportunity to partake in the BEST physical fitness experience out there; to be trained at high-intensity like a FIGHTER, alongside fighters.

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  • Our Children Jiu-Jitsu Program

  • Our Fitness Program

  • Our Striking Program

  • Our Grappling Program